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500px is different to most photo sharing websites. It’s set up for professional photographers to share and sell their work, and for businesses to find images to use on their websites and promotional materials.

This doesn’t mean that the site lacks heart or passion. Far from it. This is a slick, exciting website with great images, captured by enthusiastic photographers. You won’t be excluded if you’re starting out, either. 

There are several kinds of membership to choose from, each offering its own benefits. Free membership allows you to upload 20 photos a week. You can also licence your photos and make some money from them. Although 20 photos might not seem many (and it isn’t) this does stop people from just uploading thousands of poor quality photos, and subsequently prevents potential buyers from being put off. After all, if you went to a gallery and there were 1000 bad pictures and only 10 good ones, you’d probably walk out.

Paid membership essentially allows you to upload as many photos as you wish, opening up more organizational features such as creating unique photo albums. You can also check out statistics to find out who is looking at your work. 

The Awesome + Adobe package is considerably more expensive (although still a fair price) and allows you to access all the site’s features, plus you can use Adobe Creative Cloud Photography, which includes Adobe Lightroom (a photo editing suite).

500px.com is going to be of use to photographers and image-seekers alike. There are a lot of stock images which you can use, free of charge (when normally you would need to pay), as well as plenty of professionally-shot photos which have a fee attached. The photographer decides how much they would like to charge for you to use their photographs, and you simply choose the images which you prefer.

Members can share their favorite images on social networking sites, building up a catalog of photos they “like” (by clicking the “like” button). You can also leave feedback on images, letting the artist know what you think of their work. This is a nice detail as it keeps you inspired and encouraged, knowing that people enjoy your work.

There are also community features to take advantage of, including message boards and groups who share particular sorts of poetry (for example, black and white photos, or nature photos). This is a good way to get to know others, and to improve your knowledge of photography.

There are over 50 million photos to explore and share. The site uses members’ photos to produce an attractive homepage, where visitors can check out themed photos such as “winter is coming” or “breathtaking images”. This makes for an enjoyable experience, whether or not you’re a member.

500px offers an inspirational space for photographers to share their work. But it’s not just for back rubbing, you can make real money here, or get a lot of exposure for your work by providing your images for free. This isn’t a space for everyone to upload thousands of dodgy photos in half lit rooms, it’s a place for photographers to practice and share their art. If you have images you’d like to share, and others you want to explore, we’d recommend taking a look at 500px.

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