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Have you just got married or had a baby? Perhaps you’ve returned from the trip of a lifetime? Those special memories are easily lost, so many people decide to keep photos as monuments of those special times. JAlbum allows you to upload and edit your photos, creating unique albums. You can then choose to store your creations as electronic books or have them printed and delivered to you. 

The first thing to note is that Jalbum comes with its own software package, which helps you to edit your photos and design albums. This is easy to use and the final products look great. If you pay a subscription fee then you’ll receive free upgrades to this software, so long as your membership is renewed.

JAlbum 12.5 is the latest version of the software at the time of this review. It was hard to gain information as to which platforms this software will work on, though. Certainly it seems to work on a PC, but, whilst there were a few Apple logos dotted around the site, there was no clarification on whether or not jAlbum works on Macs. However, you can download an app for iPhone and iPad. 

The software usually requires not much more skill than dragging and dropping, then choosing from a few enhancement tools. You can then publish your photos on your own site or on your jAlbum.com page. The software seems well designed and looks very slick, helping you to produce a great end product.

The site now offers a 30 day free trial with photo storage. You can then either pay for a license to use the software, or for the software and online hosting. The cheapest online hosting option is the Premium account, which provides 10GB of storage. This is relatively little storage space compared with many other photo storage and sharing websites. The Power account offers up to 100GB of storage space, but it’s a fair bit more expensive.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the majority of the cost of jalbum.com is tied into their software. If you think you won’t need this, then we’d recommend using another site. In fact there are other photo sharing websites which offer browser-based editing tools for free, or as part of a low-cost monthly subscription charge. Subsequently, jAlbum comes out as a little expensive.

We’d recommend trying out the free trial. If you really love the software and how it works, you may wish to continue a subscription or pay for the license. However, we’d also recommend trying one or two other options as you might discover that jAlbum is somewhat obsolete or unnecessary when you can get similar services for less money.

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