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Blue Melon Review

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BlueMelon.com offers straightforward solutions for photographers to store, share and sell their work. It also allows similar services for video, with free or paid membership options. However, it doesn’t quite offer everything that a more seasoned photographer might desire, and whilst its system is easy to use, it can be a bit too simplistic at times.

Let’s start by looking at the sorts of packages you can choose from. If you open a free account you can store up to 2GB of photos and videos. This might sound good (it’s not bad) but you’ll find much more generous free options elsewhere. 

That considered, Blue Melon is a bit more stylish than some other photo sharing websites, and that will give your personal page a bit more of an edge. If you want to find out what the full service is like, you can upgrade to a 14 day free trial period, which allows you access to all of the features the site has to offer.

Assuming you’re happy with your experience up to this point, you might decide to take out a paid membership contract. These are fairly priced, with 2 main options: upgrade your storage space, or take a business package. However, it does feel a little as though BlueMelon are trying to leech money from members by encouraging them to take out additional features which don’t really add anything.

For example, you can pay $25 a year to “debrand” your package. This simply means getting rid of the phrase “Photo Website by Bluemelon” from your homepage. It seems a little cheeky to charge an additional $25 for this when you’re already opting to pay for additional storage.

The business package allows you to easily produce merchandise and sell it online. You can allow people to buy downloads of your photos, sell prints, produce unique items, offer discount coupons and more. You can also set your own prices. If you combine the business option with an increased storage capacity then you can get a discount.

Bluemelon isn’t bad, but it’s not really setting the world on fire either. It’s probably a decent option if you wish to have your photos hosted on a slick-looking site, without paying too much. However it could get more expensive once you decide to sell, add extra storage space and get rid of their branding from your home page. In short, we’d recommend this site if you like to keep things simple, but would be a little wary once the costs start piling up.

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