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What sets pBase apart from some of its peers is that the photos seem to be of a consistently high quality. Combined with its community features and the option to research cameras, this makes it a good site to use if you’re serious about photography.

A few users of this site disagreed with some of our previous criticisms, primarily because they felt that the site offered a friendly community, which can be worth more than storage space and editing features. If you’re looking to talk with other photographers from around the world, then we do recommend taking a look at this website, because you can engage with people on a range of topics, using the site’s forums, or leave comments on their photos.

You can also personalize your galleries, meaning that you can present your photos as you prefer. You can alter the background color and font, including details on the sizes and cameras used. This is in no way exclusive to pBase.com, but it’s still a nice touch.

You can share your photos through the site, although P Base feels less sharing-focused when it comes to social networking. There’s no “share this” button for example, and you cannot link it to your social networking accounts to instantly sync photos from your pbase account to your Facebook account.

Despite all of this, we still don’t feel that pBase will appeal to everyone. Prices are high for the amount of storage space you receive, which is also capped at 3000MB. You cannot sell your photos through the site or produce gifts using your images. There are few editing features to speak of, and whilst you can upload over 20 photos at once, this still isn’t on par with some of the top rated photo sharing sites.

There is a free trial period to try out, but it’s really not very generous, offering only 10MB storage for 30 days. If you’re uploading half decent snaps, this will quickly run out. The site is easy to use, if a little amateur-looking at times. 

If you’re looking for inspiration then you can search the site’s many galleries. You can find photos organized by specific themes, or use a key word search to find specific photos. Meanwhile, if you’d like to find photos taken by particular cameras then this is also possible, as well as finding camera specs. This could be useful, but we found that a lot of cameras had no photos to examine, so you can’t always take a look at how well a camera takes a shot.

Pbase clearly has its admirers. Whilst its community features are admirable, we were less blown away by its lack of editing tools, sharing features and storage space. If you want to talk to people about photography, this might be worth considering, but otherwise we’re still not fully convinced that it is different enough to set it apart from the crowd.

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