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Ipernity Review

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Ipernity feels a little like a mix between Facebook and a regular photo sharing website. That is to say that it contains a lot of social elements, adding to the over all experience of using the website. From themed groups, to chat options, profile pictures and more, there’s a lot to explore here.

Your interface allows you to easily access your account, news, photos, albums, articles, documents, groups and contacts. This makes it a relatively easy site to work your way around, although there can be quite a lot of information and links flying around at times. Still, it shouldn’t take long to get used to.

One key difference between this site and a few others we’ve reviewed is that you are not limited to uploading photos and videos on ipernity.com. Rather, you can upload documents too, so you can use the system to store all your important files, and then access them from anywhere.

It is still tailored more towards photo sharing, though. You can explore current popular photos from other members, or arrange your folders and albums to better organize your snaps and movies. 

You can upload your photos from your iPhone, iPad, email, Picasa account, Flikr and a range of other sources. This is much more flexible than the site used to be, and much to its benefit. Once they're uploaded you can start tagging and organizing your photos. There are several useful tools here which are worth checking out, helping you to relocate your photos at a later date.

Editing tools are lacking somewhat, and whilst you can personalize your page with a color template, there are not many design features so it might not be ideal for anyone who wants to set up a personal brand. The site feels more like it’s designed for individuals who wish to access their files from a range of devices and computers, using the online storage to do so. 

There are no sales options when it comes to producing gifts, either, which is another reason why this system feels like it’s not really got businesses in mind. It’s also free to use the website, although free membership is quite limited. 

Club membership opens up more options, but will cost you money. Prices are fair, but not fantastic. Free members can upload up to 200MB of content per month, which is quite low when you compare it with other photo sharing websites. Becoming a Club member takes away this limitation (you can upload unlimited photo, videos and documents), and allows you to download your files. That’s right, free members cannot download their own files, so please be careful not to delete them elsewhere if you don’t have them backed up, because you’ll have to pay to access them here.

Everything considered, ipernity offers a decent file sharing system. However you really need to upgrade because the limitations of the free service are going to be a problem for most people.

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