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Are you on holiday? At a gig? Visiting some old friends? If you’re taking photos and want to share them with your network of friends and followers in an instant, Instagram might be the website and app for you. 

The app allows you to easily share your photos and videos with your online friends and followers, with a click of a button. This makes photo sharing incredibly quick, and so easy that anyone can do it.

The Instagram app is free to download and use, and its updates are also free. In short, you’ll not have to pay a thing to use it, ever. It’s surprising how good an app this is, given it’s free. It’s worth noting, however, that some users have found that Instagram uses more of their device’s disc space than they expected, so please check you have sufficient storage on your device before downloading the app.

Instagram can share your photos on several social networking sites, including Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. You can share on all of these at once, meaning that your photos gain maximum exposure.

Whilst this is mainly for photos, you can also upload videos in much the same way, so your films will never get lost. Unfortunately videos can only be 3 to 15 seconds long, which is a lot shorter than you’ll find elsewhere.

The editing tools are basic but effective, allowing you to crop and rotate photos, join photos together, change shadows and lighting, and a few other features. These tend to be on the more serious side, rather than adding funny moustaches and comedy eyebrows.

If you don’t want just anybody to see your snaps, you can limit the viewers to particular individuals. So, whilst you might share 80% of your photographs with everyone you know, you can share a special 20% with just one or two people if you choose. Just make sure you choose the right settings or it could get embarrassing! 

Photos are posted in a square shape, reminiscent of 4:3 Polaroid cameras. This gives them a unique look and feel, though some users might find this a little constricting. You can also geotag images, meaning that you can keep a track of where you were when you took a photo. This is particularly useful if you go away on holiday and are likely to forget where each photo was taken.

Since 2012, Instagram have introduced profile pages, which act somewhat like your Facebook profile. This is a page for people to visit in order to check out your photos and what you’ve been saying and doing. You can also include some information about yourself to help explain or promote your work.

If you’re hoping to buy products or prints, Instagram isn’t really going to be any use to you. This is a site for sharing photos rather than turning them into personalized gifts or objects for the home. It offers a limited service, but it performs very well in the features it encompasses. 

Instagram is a free photo sharing app that just works. Whilst each feature might not be to everyone’s particular liking, each is functional and works well. If you want to take and share pictures, we’d recommend checking out Instagram.com.

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