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Polaroid Blipfoto Review

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We’re in a bit of a tricky situation when it comes to reviewing Polaroid BlipFoto. At the time of this review, the site appears to be performing an overhaul and a large change to its services. This has upset some members, who paid for lifetime membership only to have the entire site completely change under their feet. Still, there are elements we like here, so let’s check out what this photo sharing site has to offer.

The premise of Blip Foto is a little different from other photo sharing websites you’ll find. In short: you can only upload one photo a day. The idea is that each member therefore only uploads their best picture, keeping the quality high. This does produce great-looking galleries full of wonderful photographs, but as far as storing your photos goes, it’s very limiting.

When the site started out you could have access to additional features by paying for lifetime membership. It’s unclear whether this concept or another paid membership option will return, as the site’s team is remaining decidedly quiet on the matter. One page says that you can upgrade, but then there are no links taking you to an upgrade page. However, it’s good news for new members, because they can access all the features that are available. 

You can upload a photo, edit it and share it. You can also include some descriptions and details about why you took the picture and what it means to you. Members seem to be quite responsive to one another’s work, and help each other out around the site.

It’s hard to tell, however, what else you can do on the site. One photo a day, that’s the deal. You can check other people’s photos, comment on them and then...well, that’s about it.  

The site looks slick, and, if you’re looking for quality photos, then this isn’t a bad place to start. You can search for pictures or just browse galleries, or follow members to keep up to date with their uploads. Subsequently this feels a bit more like an artistic project than a place to save and share your lifetime’s work.

PolaroidBlipFoto.com seems like it's working through some problems. This has angered a number of its old members, and we can understand why. However, if you’re interested in the 1 photo a day project, and enjoy looking at some high quality photos each day, you might wish to explore the site. There’s little indication of what’s coming in the future, so we wait with bated breath.

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