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Picture Trail Review

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When you first load up Picture Trail you’ll probably think what we thought: “Hey, this looks fun!” And it does. With the ability to add images, words and bling (flashing icons or text) to your photos, this feels like an exciting place to upload your photos. 

Despite this fun element, there are problems. Firstly, we couldn’t get the bling feature to work, which was really disappointing. However, the samples provided looked exciting, albeit a bit chaotic. 

We were also disappointed by the storage capacity offered to paying members. Whilst annual membership isn’t expensive, the 50MB maximum storage space was severely lacking, especially when you can get gigabytes or even terabytes of storage elsewhere. This low amount of storage makes PictureTrail unworkable in a modern arena.

Uploading photos is a standard affair, not usually troublesome but also not particularly quick. The interface isn’t the clearest, but it’s also not hard to pick up. 

Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for PictureTrail.com is its slideshow feature. You can create a range of interesting photo-based slide shows, and you can even include music to set the mood. This is fun and you can share the slideshows with your friends.

Even if everything on this website worked perfectly, it still feels a bit amateur. What’s more, the insufficient storage facilities mean that the site will quickly become useless if you upload more than about 100 photos. Sharing your snaps isn’t particularly well incorporated either, and there’s very little in the way of gifts or print options. 

There are a few community features, with a layout which feels like an old version of MySpace. You can check out other members’ profiles and creations, send comments and request to become friends. However, it didn’t seem like too many members really used this feature. In addition to this disappointment, the “Clubs” section is completely vacant, only offering a message: “Clubs No Longer Available.”

In short: unless you’re interested in creating a digital slide show or a bling photo (and the system works), there’s little here to appreciate. It certainly doesn’t function well as a photo storage site, and is very limited in most other areas.

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