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WebShots Review

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WebShots has been around for a while, starting out in the 90s. Back then, it allowed people to download professionally-shot photos to decorate their desktop computers with screen savers and wallpapers. Not long after, when digital cameras took off, the website turned to photo sharing. This was its golden age, when happy users collected a decade’s worth of images from their life, stored them and shared them online. Things have now reverted back to the 1990’s model, and the site is now a place to download images to decorate your mobile or desktop devices, with very few options for photo uploads and sharing.

We see this as a pretty significant step, and potentially a big step backwards. Suffice to say, there are a few users who were more than a little upset when a decade’s worth of photos disappeared. But let’s focus on what the site offers to users today, because it’s not all bad.

Firstly, to use this website you really need to download the software. It’s free, but only available for Windows users. Mobile apps are also available if you wish to download photos and use them as screensavers and wallpapers on your mobile device.

There’s no doubting that the images are beautiful. These are professionally shot photographs which can really add new intrigue and splendour to an otherwise-drab interface. But is it really doing anything more than a lot of free websites that you can find online? We’re not convinced.

Perhaps the differences lie in the quality of the photos, and the fact that you can customize your screen savers to suit you. Much of the content is free, although you can also upgrade to access more photos using a Premium account. This is relatively cheap, particularly for a year or two, but it still feels a little bit of an unnecessary cost when you can easily download great images for free on other websites.

There are publisher tools for those who wish to convert their photos into screen savers, or potentially even send them to the team to consider adding to the current catalog of public photos. They describe their service as being a real time platform for repurposing and republishing media, which is pretty vague. 

To conclude: if you’re looking for some top quality photos, with the ability to turn them into wallpapers and screen savers for your devices, Web Shots might be worth a visit. However, in terms of storing and sharing your photos, we suggest going elsewhere.

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