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Phanfare Review

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Whilst you might associate a fanfare with a loud musical flourish, Phanfare makes a show of your photos and videos, offering a wide range of practical features to edit and share your artwork.

The first thing to note is that all members can upload high quality photos and video. Your videos can last up to 20 minutes (or 2GB each) as a basic member, and the barriers are opened wider if you decide to upgrade to a Premium package. This makes it particularly useful to anyone who is serious about uploading high quality images, as you shouldn’t be restricted if you want your high quality to remain intact.

Another useful element to the website is its editing tools. As well as being able to perform various editing functions, including changing tones and colors, cropping and rotation, you can also save various versions along the way. Consequently, your originals and various edits are safe, even if you feel that you’ve made too many changes along the way. This just goes to show that Phanfare.com takes artistry seriously, not wanting to damage your original work.

Before signing up you can check out other members’ albums, individual photos and videos. This gives you ample opportunity to consider what you might do with your own page, and whether phanfare can meet your needs.

There are several excellent customization options, from font styles to album layout, and you can even create multiple pages if you’d rather have unique URLs for certain projects, without linking members to your other work. If, for example, you’ve taken wedding photos and wish to share them with guests, but you don’t want them to see your in-progress folder, this is fine.

Customizing your page makes it more personal, but also gives you more of a brand image if you’re interested in selling your work or promoting your skills. Uploading is very quick and easy, so even beginners should be able to handle the system with ease.

The slideshows are worth an extra mention. You can adjust your photos and then collect them into show, including music to help set the mood. This is a great way to share your images, particularly if you feel that music can add something special to the viewing experience.

  You can even create multiple pages if you’d rather have unique URLs for certain projects, without linking members to your other work.  

As well as photos, you can upload videos. The quality can be pretty high (this is made all the better if you upgrade to Premium membership) and each video can last up to 20 minutes. If you had a video which was an hour long, you can easily upload it in three parts and link them, so interruptions are minimal.

Talking of interruptions, phanfare is advert-free, so you won’t need to worry about the ambiance of your photos being ruined by annoying pop-up ads. This will also help you to set the professional tone you’re looking for if you’re uploading videos and pictures for work.

Plug-ins are available for a range of devices, to help you upload files as smoothly as possible. The system caters for Mac and PC, with plug-ins for Picassa, Adobe and iPhone, as well as several other key services. You can also set screen savers on your devices, utilizing photos from your phanfare account. 

Sharing your images is easy. You can either send a direct link to an individual (over email, for example) or click “share” and have a notification appear on Facebook or Twitter. You can share whole albums or individual photos on Twitter, and soon get a lot of traffic into your website.

The site allows you to sell your work online, keeping 85% of the profits. If you’re a professional photographer who wants a stylish, easy-to-use space to sell online, this is ideal. You can choose your own rates, so you won’t be restricted by pre-set prices and harsh profit cuts.

Everything considered, we were excited by phanfare.com. Its uploading and editing tools are easy to use, but effective, allowing you to express yourself and show off your work. Sharing files is simple and efficient, with your own web pages and simple networking options. Meanwhile, you can also edit and arrange your uploads to appeal to your key audiences. 

Whilst Phanfare isn’t free, we feel it still offers excellent value for money. You can do more on this site than many of its free counterparts, making it a useful tool for anyone who cares about the appearance and distribution of their photography and videos. 

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