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SmugMug Review

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Taken some pretty nifty photos? Wondering how best to store or share them? It’d be a shame just to let them sit on your SD card and not share them (especially if you lose your SD card). By uploading your photos to SmugMug, you can now rest assured that your creative genius is safe.

Not only is SmugMug a fantastic storage area for your digital snaps and videos, it also allows you to customize a SmugMug homepage for your various photos and videos, which you can then share with friends, family and prospective customers.

As each homepage is customizable, you can choose from a wide range of font and color options, as well as altering the layout. Alternatively, you can choose from pre-existing themes to help set the tone.

If you upgrade your account to Power membership, you can also choose your own domain name, which is great if you want to include your name or business name in the URL.

Pages are stylish and simple to navigate. They’re also produced in such a way that they look good on a wide variety of home and mobile devices.

Uploading files is quick and easy, and there are no storage space limitations for any of the membership types: you can upload an infinite number of photos and videos, if you so choose. There are some limitations on the individual file sizes (see our Features list above). If your upload exceeds those limits, the SmugMug software will try to resample or recompress the file to bring it within the limits and speed up the upload process. SmugMug was one of the first photo sharing websites to offer unlimited storage space. With a passion for photography themselves, its founders clearly realised that this may help them build a loyal following amongst amateur and professional photographers who didn't want to be restricted by online storage space limitations.

This insightful business model was hugely successful: SmugMug now has millions of loyal members all over the world. In recent years, some rival photo sharing companies have introduced unlimited storage in order to keep up with SmugMug, other companies have gone out of business. So if you're looking for a photo sharing website that will safely store an unlimited number of your photos and videos, for decades to come, SmugMug is a safe bet. (In fact, SmugMug is privately used by many of the team here at No1Reviews.com!).

Getting the photos from your device to the website is simple. You can easily move files between folders or create new albums, simply by dragging and dropping the images you want. There is also a SmugMug app available through the Apple app store and elsewhere. You can also download a plug-in which allows other systems (such as Lightroom or Photoshop) to synchronize with SmugMug, letting your transfer images smoothly.

  So if you're looking for a photo sharing website that will safely store an unlimited number of your photos and videos, for decades to come, SmugMug is a safe bet.  

If you enjoy letting people know where you are, along with a photo to prove it, you can do so on SmugMug. You can send photos from your iPhone and ask it to detect where you are located, producing a sort of travel map of your experiences. This is particularly useful if you’re on holiday and want to recall where you were when a particular event happened.

All members can now upload videos in addition to photos. You can also create slide shows, which can then be embedded into another site if you wish, and these are automatically updated if the main file on your SmugMug account is edited. We would like to see a few more options regarding video editing for amateurs, or potentially even a few more slideshow options which link these different aspects together.

If you want to share your files with the world, then that’s easily done. However, if you wish to restrict access to particular people (friends, family or colleagues, for example), then you can do this by making private folders and supplying a password.  

You, or anyone you share your pictures with, can order prints easily. These are delivered to your door, making for a nice back up or souvenir. The more expensive memberships also allow you to choose which printing lab is used, if you have a preference. There are also a few links to sites which offer albums and other merchandise, if you wish to invest in anything for personal use or as a gift.

The Business membership essentially has a few more sales options, allowing you to set your individual photo prices and include your own branding. The site takes a small cut of the profits but, as you can set your own prices, this cut isn’t a big problem, as you can simply raise the price slightly to cover your costs.

SmugMug provide prospective customers with a helpful overview, making it easy to see exactly how the Basic, Power, Portfolio and Business membership plans differ in cost, features, etc. So if you still have some questions, after reading our review, check that out, as it'll probably provide you with an answer.

Whilst it may lack a few online editing tools, SmugMug does offer an array of fantastic features that are designed for both amateur and professional photographers. Its infinite storage space means you’ll never need to worry about running out of storage, and each of its membership options are available for a very fair price, all things consideredWhy not sign up for the 14 day free trial and see whether SmugMug is the photo sharing website for you?

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