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DotPhoto has the feel of the old fashioned print shop. You go in, say hello to the cashier, hand over your roll of film, come back in an hour and collect the prints. They have a few frames for sale, if you fancy, and a couple of discounts here and there. But it’s not revolutionary.

But hey, not everything has to be revolutionary. If the system works, it works, and this site is probably going to appeal to a number of people. If you’re looking to send off a few photos now and then, have them printed and delivered, maybe buy a frame or two to hang on your wall, this could be the place for you. Prices are reasonable, service is reliable, and they have a US call center if you ever need to ask questions.

There are several kinds of membership available on Dot Photo. The Basic membership is free, allowing you to upload and order copies of photos. Here, you will pay per photo ordered, plus any packaging costs. This will vary depending on what you require.

Club membership is around $20 a year, opening up a few more options such as unlimited storage and being able to download full albums. This is useful if you want to share your digital photos with friends and family so they can order prints for themselves, but otherwise there aren’t a lot of advantages.

The Family package is where things get a bit more interesting. You can order 67 monthly prints direct to your door, plus all of the other features you receive with the Club option. Similarly, Pro packages allow you to order 80 small prints, plus larger prints each month, all included in the price. These would make a nice present, especially if someone is travelling or has just got married or had a child, as it encourages them to produce hard prints of their photos, rather than letting them be forgotten on a hard drive.

Beyond these options, there’s not a lot to talk about. The site has a frame shop, which is well stocked with frames. You can also choose to create a photo book or greetings card, calendars, mugs, ornaments and more. Nothing here is particularly surprising, but the site offers a simple place to do it all at once.

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