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Shutterfly.com has plenty of fun, color and excitement to offer any photo fan. Like its name suggests, ShutterFly can make your photos seem pretty exciting. It offers a wide range of products which you can tailor to your own designs using your favorite pictures. 

Uploading is quick and simple, with a variety of apps to download for free. You can also take photos from your Facebook account, or simply upload them from your device at the click of a button. You can upload up to 10 files at once, which the site seems to think is quite impressive, and whilst this can save time, you’ll find other websites which let you upload whole albums at once. If you use iPhoto then you can also download an app which allows you to easily transfer your photos from your Apple device.

The site is mainly designed around allowing you to edit your photos, and then order prints or produce products. We were very impressed by the range of products, which varied from quilts to Christmas tree decorations, wall hangings to DVDs, mugs to magnets, custom iPhone cases to pet tags, and plenty more. You’ll be hard pushed to find a site which offers more variety in terms of bespoke photo-based items.

Prices for these items can vary quite a lot. Some are pretty cheap, others offer reasonable value, and some are quite expensive. It all depends on what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it. Membership to the site is, however, completely free. What’s more, you can order 50 prints free of charge when you first sign up, no strings attached.

If you make an order you will need to pay for postage, unless the order is over $39. However if you decide you’re only interested in using the site for editing and design, this is fine. You can share your photos by simply inputting a friend’s email address, or sending them a link to a particular album. It’s not clear how much storage space you can use on this site, though, so do be careful once you receive a low-memory warning. You can find other free photo sharing websites which have a great deal of space for you to store photos, so if you’re interested in this then you may wish to go elsewhere. 

Shutterfly.com is very easy to use, making it ideal for anyone who isn’t that confident with computers or editing software. In fact, it’s so simple that kids could probably use it too. Look out for their various offers, as well, since these provide some pretty good discounts on selected items and services throughout the year.

Shutter Fly might not be particularly great for professional photographers or anyone who wishes to synchronize their devices and store thousands of photos. However, it is still a fun site to use, particularly if you wish to create items which incorporate your photos. 

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