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Yogile Review

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Have you ever been somewhere so remote that you feel completely alone? Perhaps you’ve visited a wild tundra or the desert, a fortress of solitude or an isolation tank. That’s a bit how we felt when using Yogile. 

What do we mean? Well, boot up the site and you’ll see for yourself: there’s very little there. You’re presented with a screen whereby you can quickly upload several photos. This is all well and good, it cuts out the flab of signing up and having to input card details. However, there are no options beyond that in terms of editing the photos, exploring other photos, creating gifts, ordering prints etcetera.

So what can you do once you’ve uploaded a picture? Well, in defense of Yogile, you can upload several photos at once, which saves some time. From there, you are given a URL for the album, which you can send in an email. The recipient can then use that URL (and a password) to view the album and images. They can also download the images if they choose.

Why would you want such a limited service? Well, if you’re happy with your photos and just want to send them to someone quickly, but your email account has a file size limit, this could be a way around it. Since you don’t need to register or search through various screens, the whole process can be over quickly and securely.

It’s worth remembering, however, that Yogile.com only allows you to store photos for up to 14 days if you’re not a paying member. So, don’t get too cosy thinking that you can upload as much as you like and access the snaps in a month or so. You can’t. What’s more, there is a 99MB limit on your storage capacity if you're a free user.

Upgrading to an unlimited account costs $44.95 a year, which is a considerable amount considering how limited the site is. In fact, you can find other sites which offer unlimited storage for free, so there’s really nothing much to gain here.

In short: if you want to allow someone to view an album of photos quickly and easily, you can do so here. However, there are really no other benefits to using this site, so we recommend checking out some of the other photo sharing websites, particularly if you want to edit your pictures or share them over social networking websites.

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