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Snapfish Review

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SnapFish might sound like a dangerous aquatic beasty indigenous to North Africa, but it is in fact a website for sharing or printing your photos and videos. It’s mostly tailored towards producing unique items using your own create flair, but also acts as a storage facility for your pictures and home movies.

The site is focused on the UK market, although there are links to other snapfish websites which operate in North America and the rest of Europe. If you’re from outside the UK, we’d recommend following the links to these other sites, which are at the bottom of the SnapFish.co.uk homepage.

Surprisingly, Snap Fish offers unlimited storage for photos. A niggling part of us thinks that if you upload 30 terabytes of images, they might have something to say, but otherwise this is pretty generous for a free website. 

Videos are a little different, and you need to pay a fee to upload and store home movies. Prices are relatively low, but you’ll be able to locate sites which allow you to upload videos for free, so we’d recommend that you look elsewhere if you’re only interested in using a website for storing and sharing your home videos.

One reason you might opt to use SnapFish is that it’s easy to use, and has a very friendly, approachable, family-feel to it. There are free super celebration party kits which you can download and print (including party labels, banners, signs and wrappers), plus a range of products which are in keeping with this tone.

The range of gifts and products is fairly extensive, although not quite as extensive as some bigger sites. You can print mugs, keychains, t-shirts and more, although you won’t find blankets or such a wide selection of ornaments. Prices are, however, lower than we’ve seen elsewhere. You can pick up a few personalised items for around £3 each, and generally we felt that they never tried to overcharge for the items on offer.

Although you can share your photos using Snap Fish, we didn’t feel that this was an integral part of their service. Whilst other website really focus on uploading photos and distributing them quickly, you’ll find that this website tends to give you a URL or ask you to input a person’s email address to send an invite. This is okay, but not very useful if you’re taking a lot of snaps and want to share them on social networking sites quickly.

Whether or not you decide to become a member, SnapFish.co.uk offers a lot of free content which is worth checking out, particularly if you have a young family. Whilst there are no community features to speak of, there is still a safe and comfortable atmosphere which feels welcoming. 

This site won’t blow you away, but it offers some decent free services, plus a selection of printing services which offer good value for money. You can also receive 20 free photos when you first upload your files. Overall, it’s not ideal for hard core photographers, but if you want to play around with some of your pictures, and maybe print a few off or have one printed onto a mug or key chain, this isn’t a bad option.

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