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Zenfolio Review

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Ommm. Chime your bells, breathe, relax. Are you feeling....zen? If so, we may proceed, little grasshopper. Zenfolio is actually much more business savvy than it first sounds, with a range of photo storage and sharing services for novice, avid and professional photographers. What’s more, it offers businesses packages and high volume accounts to help you print and sell your photos, including distribution and events support. 

Let’s consider the site from the perspective of the novice photographer, first. What’s on offer for you? The Basic Plus package is just $30 per year and allows you up to 4GB storage, plus an additional 2GB for each year you continue your Basic Plus membership. 

Basic members can also access plug-ins for their photos to be viewed as they prefer, and the site provides neat layouts so your page appears normal to mobile visitors. Essentially you have a few design options to help set up your own smart-looking photos page, which include slide shows and music (choose from 50 free songs from Triple Scoop Music). As with all packages, you can order prints and photo products. We’ll come to those products shortly.

Upgrading your account gets you more storage space, but you’ll need to upgrade to a Premium or Premium Business account to change the maximum file size from 36MB to 64MB. This is okay, but still not as large as you can find elsewhere, which may mean the quality of your images is reduced. That considered, we can’t imagine many photos would suffer from being under 65MB in size.

HD video hosting is available for Unlimited and Premium users, which seems a little bit stingy as the Basic Plus users deserve at least some support in that arena. These more expensive packages also provide you with your own domain name, which will be essential if you’re using ZenFolio to help establish yourself as a photographer, or to help with your business.

The Premium packages offer a much wider supply of branding features, as well as over 500 products to customize and sell. If you fully upgrade to a business package, then you can get reduced service fees, as well as events management tools, live chat support, boutique packaging and more. It’s worth checking the full list of features provided on the website to help decide which package is right for you.

If you wish to launch your own store, you can have your photographs printed onto items and then sell them. These items include bags, wall canvases and phone covers, as well as selling digital downloads. The site takes a cut of your profits, but takes some of the work out of producing and distributing your work. 

Zenfolio is very much at the business end of photo sharing and storage websites. It’s a place for you to set up a shop, to promote your work and make money. Whilst it’s a sleek-looking site, it does feel a little bit soulless at times. Still, it gets the job done and offers some excellent support for its premium business members.

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