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UPDATE - It does what it says on the tin
27 June 2015
Reviewer: Gmj from UK

150 of 279 people found this review helpful

PBase is a fantastic community of good photographers sharing some quite wonderful images, but we are all being very badly let down by a stagnating site that is seriously lacking in investment, poor security, and poor customer service.

My most serious concern is that of security. I have in excess of 5,000 images on PBase which are supposed to be protected from being downloadable, as indeed they are direct from PBase, but using all the major search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask, I have been able to download almost 1,200 of my original images so far. There are two aspects to this lack of security, the first being that PBase is vulnerable to these search engines and the second is their lack of interest in investing in the simple addition of a 1 bit transparent overlay. Because of these vulnerabilities, your images are all at risk. I carried out a similar exercise on a few other PBase users and was able to download some of their original images. Needless to say I deleted these images immediately. BE WARNED! I would have liked to be able to upload my large high resolution images, but because of this serious vulnerability, I have... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend PBase to a friend.

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It does what it says on the tin
02 August 2014
Reviewer: Gmj from United Kingdom

181 of 358 people found this review helpful

A member for nearly 2 years. A little outdated, maybe, but drab, no, the users create their own presentations and there are some very attractive ones. There is client HTML functionality available to those who have the time and skill to use it to create great presentations.

The reviewer's comment on the upload facility is totally incorrect, the basic upload feature is a bit tedious, but can do 20+ images at a time, however there is a zip facility that is quick and easy. Never had a single failure.

Although they provide a facility to disable right click they could provide better security of images by the provision of a copyright overlay. Their security is also subject to intrusion by the big search engines as I have had a number of my images displayed in full size and able to be downloaded through Google and Yahoo though this is not possible from inside PBase.

In general it is a very friendly and knowledgeable community with an absence of trolls, though with a few very occasional idiots.

Their stats are perhaps quite confusing though the individual image, album and folder stats are straight forward. It's the overall stats that are questionable.

The standard of photography is... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend PBase to a friend.

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08 July 2013
Reviewer: Saskia from Netherlands

198 of 374 people found this review helpful

PBase user image
I like the clean look of Pbase, it's just about the photos, no frills, nothing flashy, no distracting blinking things, no ads. You can customize your galleries, upload a whole bunch of photos simultaneously as a zipfile, or up to 23 separately on one screen, and rearrange them later however you want. Some new templates would be nice but not really necessary. It is not expensive. Once your photo is uploaded, Pbase makes three different sizes plus the original so anyone can see them, no matter how large or small their monitors are. There is a lightroom plugin, and a Facebook/Google+ share button with every photo and gallery.

In summary, I would recommend PBase to a friend.

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Pbase manipulates its popular galleries pages
20 April 2012
Reviewer: Photobug from San Francisco, CA, USA

197 of 424 people found this review helpful

Pbase is a very well designed site in terms of style, probably the best looking photo sharing site out there.

It is unfortunate that pbase staff use the site to manipulate it's customers by arranging the "popular galleries" pages according to their own whims, rewarding their friends, and punishing anyone who has the audacity to complain about it.

Don't waste your time and effort setting up galleries at pbase, unless you want a cheap place to store photos to show your friends and family, or your clients.

In summary, I would not recommend PBase to a friend.

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Pbase is excellent
17 July 2011
Reviewer: Oldhiker from Modesto, CA

232 of 435 people found this review helpful

The editor's review is quite out of date, or just plain wrong. You can upload 24 individual images at a time, not just one. There is a fee, but $23 a year for 1Gb of space is not bad and there are no ads from anyone. There are many options in display, such as color of background and printing, plus overall style sheets, so the galleries look very nice.

There are some very accomplished photographers on Pbase (alas, not including me; but have a look at the oldhiker gallery, anyway). If you look at the popular galleries you will see very impressive images, indeed. Many of these are by photographers attempting to sell prints, or with already established businesses.

You can search the image database by word or by camera. They keep track of your page views by gallery, individual image, and totals, which gives a nice feedback for an amateur photographer whose old slide projector used to elicit loud groans from visitors. Viwers can make comments if they choose. There is a friendly atmosphere; trolls seem to be absent from the Pbase community. And there are forums with contests, etc.

All in all, this is a very nice sharing... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend PBase to a friend.

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10 February 2011
Reviewer: Frimpong from Western Europe

190 of 386 people found this review helpful

I don't agree at all with the criticism. PBase is the only photo sharing site which allows a customization of the pages, it allows posting a Blog style gallery as well. The community is fantastic and the level of photography quite high.
Members of PBase can practically create their own personal site, totally personalized inside PBase; there is nothing dull in that.

In summary, I would recommend PBase to a friend.

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