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UPDATE - It does what it says on the tin
27 June 2015
Reviewer: Gmj from UK

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PBase is a fantastic community of good photographers sharing some quite wonderful images, but we are all being very badly let down by a stagnating site that is seriously lacking in investment, poor security, and poor customer service.

My most serious concern is that of security. I have in excess of 5,000 images on PBase which are supposed to be protected from being downloadable, as indeed they are direct from PBase, but using all the major search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask, I have been able to download almost 1,200 of my original images so far. There are two aspects to this lack of security, the first being that PBase is vulnerable to these search engines and the second is their lack of interest in investing in the simple addition of a 1 bit transparent overlay. Because of these vulnerabilities, your images are all at risk. I carried out a similar exercise on a few other PBase users and was able to download some of their original images. Needless to say I deleted these images immediately. BE WARNED! I would have liked to be able to upload my large high resolution images, but because of this serious vulnerability, I have to upload low resolution copyright marked images to prevent theft. Such a pity.

Another aspect that is holding PBase back is the inability of the site to allow the search engines to access embedded tags/keywords which means that if they are used in searches, the chances are that there will be no return. Throughout all my images I have over 100 that have a unique "nonsense" tag/keyword and even using that word, I have never had a single return.

There was a time when PBase was rated in the top 10 photo sharing sites, but sadly it has now slipped into alphabetical oblivion. Customer service has slipped very badly and needs a serious kicking back into life.

It therefore saddens me to advise that over the next year and a bit I will be migrating to another site that can provide me with the functionality and security I need. Of course no site is completely secure, but most of the others are now much more secure than PBase.

PBase, if you are listening, you have an excellent basic product with a great community, but you are seriously lacking in investment in functionality and security, so if you care about your dedicated community, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

In summary, I would not recommend PBase to a friend.

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