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Horrible customer service--and wrong order sent!!
22 December 2011
Reviewer: IhateSnapfish from Michigan

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We received our Snapfish.com holiday cards order today. Upon opening the box, we discovered that someone else's cards were sent to us! I then called customer service tonight and was on the phone for almost an hour-and-a-half, trying to get shipment to store for free--i.e., pick up at our local Walmart. To no such luck. The best option from anyone was a complete refund of the order, then re-order with "overnight" shipping--which they said would take 3-5 business days to process, then 1 day to ship. If we ordered pickup from the store, we'd have to pay an additional cost, even though the original order would've been refunded.

A few things I discovered with my many phone calls: 1. Only foreigners, who may or may not understand proper English, will answer the phone. 2. Don't try to hang up and then call back, expecting to get a non-foreigner. You won't. 3. Any attempts to get a cheaper price, might not work. In fact, at one point, one representative told me that he could give me free shipping (and upon persuasion, a whole 50% off!), but NO refund. 4. This same representative who could give me the whopping 50% off, also looked at my photo order and said there was something wrong in the picture, could he change it? No, I said: we checked it already and we just want our order. 5. Don't call Walmart and try to get a better deal or see if you can wiggle around the Snapfish.com customer service; the employees there won't help you because the Snapfish orders apparently just go to a machine or something... and yes, if you ship to a store, you'll get charged the cost-per-sheet of the regular photo sheets at that store. 6. The wrong order number was sent to us via email, so when I told the phone representative the number, it came up with a different name than what was on our order... Give them your email address; it's easier. 7. Don't be afraid to keep repeating your question. They don't always understand the first time you ask. 8. We speak ENGLISH in America. We don't speak partial English, we speak ALL English. We also expect customer service representatives to do the same.

Just a few things to consider. I don't think we'll be using Snapfish.com again.

The one nice thing: the holiday cards that were sent to us, albeit they weren't ours, were okay quality.

In summary, I would not recommend Snapfish to a friend.

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