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SmugMug Customer Support
17 June 2013
Reviewer: Me from Usa

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This was my response to SmugMug after I closed my account with them.

"""I left because I asked for help 3 different times and all I got was a link. The 3rd woman gave me a little more info but I was still left confused and she didn't seem to want to break it down anymore for me. I did not know what I was doing as far as changing my domain name, I already have one through Vista Print, I wanted your site but without smugmug in it, I didn't want to confuse my clients by changing, and it was like I had to beg for help and keep telling you I still needed help, over and over and over. Your employees could see that I needed more help and they were not willing to go any further to break it down so I could understand or give me the price for you to do it for me. I guess that she wanted to look, or sound smart. But it ended up with me closing my account with you. When I said I was very unhappy and couldn't understand and then asked her another question, she copied and pasted the first answer! Then I said I had been with you for 20 minutes and I already HATED smugmug her response was, "well have a good rest of your week"!! Really????? No what can I do to keep you, no let me get you a price to do this for you, no I can see your having a hard time with this let me break it down barney style for you???? All I can say is I will NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER be a SmugMug Client!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really put the Smug in your mug, way to keep to your brand you f**** a**holes"""

In summary, I would not recommend SmugMug to a friend.

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