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Once a good site
15 December 2013
Reviewer: Douglas from Michigan, USA

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Flickr has always worked great, easy to use, easy to view photos, that is until about mid 2013 when they decided to "fix it". Now the site is slow, hard to use and just annoying. There is no option for how any ones home page or first page opens. It loads a hundred or more photos first thing. While these photos are loading you can not do anything else. If you try to scroll you get the dreaded "fetching more photos" across the screen. While it is "fetching more photos" you can not access any of the menus. If you try the pull down menu will appear but it won't stay long enough to click on anything. If it does happen to stay pulled down none of the choices will work and the menu goes back up. Why? Because it's "fetching more photos". The site is very slow and unresponsive. The staff of Flickr are also very unresponsive. It seems as though they're tired of the complaints and have just taken the attitude that the site is working they way THEY want it and it matters not what the users think. This is sad because it used to be so good. An easy fix would be to limit the number of photos that load per page. I have stopped sending people to my Flickr pages to view my photos as I'm sure most Flickr users have. It is now time to look for another Photo Sharing Site. Maybe one that works.

In summary, I would not recommend Flickr to a friend.

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