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27 March 2014
Reviewer: Anaguma from Wisconsin

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Flickr was once a place to store, organize, and browse other people's photos and was good at it. Recently, (26 March 2014), the MBAs in charge have taken it from an organizational site to something resembling Windows 8. I can no longer manage groups or sets (you can only see 10 for each photo with no option for seeing all the groups a photo has been put into) and the distracting side bar with some comments is always on the screen which is not helpful if you don't have a very wide monitor. The reason I used it for such a long time, paying for the former "Pro" account, is that is was easy to place your photo into groups and sets with various tags so you could share with other flickr member or quickly find photos you were looking for. As of 26 March, all this left or became buried in scrolling dig menus. The only way you can see the total of groups you've put your photo into is to try to add or subtract it from all groups you've joined but hen you get huge boxes showing only 8 groups at a time that you have to "dig" through to see if you added your photo to that group or not - not efficient or easy! With all these ipad "downgrades" the speed of loading has reached the point where I don't even bother looking at other people's photos any longer. It used to be fun and educational checking out other people's skills and ideas to help you own. With the time factor, it has become frustrating because there are so many large photos on one Photostream page that you're just waiting all the time for a page to load to the bottom.

I'm at this review site to find another photo sharing site to read the reviews and when I saw the Flickr reviews I decided to warn people about the new Flickr downgrade. If you only want to share family photos on an iphone interface, this might work for you, but if you want to use the site to manage your digital collection and quickly see others' photos, I would not use this site unless they fix their interface. Changing for change's sake is not usually a successful strategy. If Flickr believes its users are all "snapshot" family posters, then this might work, but I'm here looking for an alternative after 9 years.

In summary, I would not recommend Flickr to a friend.

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