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Yogile Does Simple Things Well
12 August 2016
Reviewer: Dmphoto from Stamford CT

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So I have been using Yogile for the past 4 years and it has performed admirably for my needs. First it is what it is. A gallery and nothing more. You can download or multiple people can add to the gallery but there is really no functionality past that. For my purposes sowing clients their images in gallery form was perfect. They would then email me their choices and I would go to work on the Tiff files. They don't support tiff. I have over 600 individual galleries with approximately 75 images per gallery. If I needed to find a specific gallery I have to scroll thru the entire mess as opposed to a simple file name search. That was their first issue. How hard could it be to make the gallery name searchable? I lived with it as the price was right and I didn't need all of the other bells and whistles that some other sites gave. Well last week a client called and started to describe on the page which image they wanted. I said simply give me the file name. Well here starts the rest of the saga. In their infinite wisdom they decided that people were confuse but individual file names and put in a filter that takes out all of the imported file names. Well they just destroyed 4 years worth of work and galleries and any functionality there was. There isn't a pro out there that will ever use this site. The amazing thing is that they truly believe they are right in this. I have spoken with developers, gallery companies and my clients and they are all at a loss as to what they hope to accomplish.

In summary, I would not recommend Yogile to a friend.

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