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Category: Photo Sharing Websites (AKA Online Photo Album Sites)
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Not great
20 August 2016
Reviewer: C Good from North Central Montana

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Good points:
- Easy to sign up
- Can have a lot of folders
- Lot of preset themes
- Can load a folder and then decide to keep it private and undisplayed

Bad points:
- Uploading not great, if you try to upload a lot of photos it tends to time out partway through, and doesn't have a good way to figure out which ones need to be reset for uploading except by checking photo by photo to see which ones got successfully uploaded.
- Uploading fairly slow compared to other photo site uploaders on the same connection.
- On the site you see as a user, it will automatically have a top folder level that is based on which year you UPLOADED the photos. So if I upload sets of photos today with file dates of 2010, 2016 and 2015, it doesn't matter what I label those folders, they'll all show up in the 2016 folder in my user view.
- You have to use either Flash or Java to upload photos. Both have regular security problems and having to install one of those just to upload photos to Phanfare is ridiculous.
- Lots of preset themes, but at same time not a lot of difference between some of the themes, so less choice than it looks like. Trying to enter custom themes is fairly simple to do, but so many options it's a bit overwhelming. If you do save a custom theme, trying to change the name is difficult, and the way it displays in the list of available themes is very awkward.

In summary, I would not recommend Phanfare to a friend.

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