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New version photo bucket utterly dysfunctional sorry mess
02 April 2013
Reviewer: Jim from East Texas

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I have stored images on P'bucket for many years. But, their newest version pukes. I wish I could give it a NEGATIVE 5!
PROS? NONE not any more.
Well, it's got a free version but, for what the site has become, it isn't worth it. Truthfully, that's more of a con. That's why I gave 1 star for "value for the money."
CONS? The first thing I notice is that I cannot find any way to select more than one image at a time for handling. Lets say I want to select half a dozen images to post on a forum./ USED to be, you could just select the desired images and click make links and the bucket would crank out links for each image. Not now, at least, not that I can find! Sect one image, get it's links made deal with it then select one, get links made, deal with it select one...
Ads everywhere.
Help? If you want to ask a question they expect you to download some sort of video thing to take a image? video? of your screen page before you can post your question. I don't like the idea of downloading ANYthing, especially just to ask a question for help.
Constant badgering to be part of the 'Photobucket community', like it was some big internet group hug like thing. All this cute, fuzzy everybody loves everybody and we're all one big happy -expletive deleted- family...
I just want to store and use my photos!
That no longer seems to be what photo bucket is about, not anymore.
Recommendation? DON'T go to Photobucket!!! Use a disc, a tape, carbon paper, ANYthing other than photobucket.

In summary, I would not recommend PhotoBucket to a friend.

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