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I've become tired with Photobucket's irritations
10 November 2013
Reviewer: Frankmill from UK

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I joined Photobucket when I left flickr in protest at its dreadful new layout. I have never really grown to like Photobucket and, of late, have encountered so many problems I'm beginning to despair.

All I require is somewhere to upload collections of photos so others can view them. I don't need a site that lets me edit the photos (I have Photoshop and other editing software, thanks) nor one that offers printing facilities (I can print photos in loads of other places, including my own printer). The problem is that uploading pictures to Photobucket is a major pain in the butt. The JPEG uploading happens efficiently, but for some reason Photobucket only ever remembers about two-thirds of the titles I type in for my pictures. I have to go in again and again and keep retyping the same titles over and over. When I contacted Photobucket support for help about this problem I got only completely irrelevant stock FAQ answers by email, followed by a questionnaire asking how good their support was. Don't these websites have any live people looking at their stuff any more?!

Today, a sub-album repeatedly refused to retain the order of photos I stipulated with "Organize ON". It seems to have got the message on the fourth attempt. This sort of experience makes the site too hopeless for me to sustain interest. It has moved from acceptable to pathetic in the space of 12 months. I'm now looking for something better.

By the way, Photobucket won't let users view pictures at full screen magnification, either.

In summary, I would not recommend PhotoBucket to a friend.

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