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Long Live Ipernity
10 October 2018
Reviewer: Benastrada from London, UK

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I have been a member of Ipernity since (almost) day 1; I also had an account with Yahoo's Flickr, Panoramio, 1px, and many others before the whole internet madness for photo-sharing etc took off.

However, whereas Flickr and so many others sold out to corporate greed, tried to replicate Facebook cyber-hegemony, envisioning the millions of dollars that could be raised from the hapless and brainwashed masses, Ipernity remained true to itself throughout the years: a photo sharing platform, as well as a site where you could develop friendships if you wanted (no bullying into having to take on the 'social' aspect of it), use the site to stash your videos or even other documents if you wanted, and even write a blog-type 'Articles'...

Someone said 'for years Ipernity suffered badly' as if it had been an intrinsic problem of the site and site owners. While I agree that the take over of the management of the site by the Ipernity Members Association - yes, you read right, it is run by its own members, not by some multimillion dollars US corporation!!! - has led to improvements, I believe that the site and previous team had simply suffered, to the point of burnout, from the demented gold rush which plagued internet social platforms for a few years, when greedy investors where looking to make money at all costs. A big thank you should therefore go to both the originators and current guardians of this little happy corner of the web! IMA has now taken over and I commend them for their efforts! For as long as I can, I will happily contribute financially and buy my full subscription, to ensure Ipernity continues to provide, myself and many others, with a quiet, respectful, useful, space to go to and relax, once in a while, and look at beautiful pictures!

Ipernity's platform is neat, the photos are displayed to make them stand out, not to get you to buy stuff from elsewhere... In an age where we are bombarded with endless soliciting, it is refreshing, and almost zen-like, to be able to get online and find 5 minutes of peace and quiet.

The editor's review and negative comments are unfair in that they seem to imply Ipernity lacks endless tricks and gimmicks (editing software, print on demand links... etc... etc...), even to the point of forcing to rate such add-ons, without the possibility of ticking a 'not applicable' selection, but Ipernity never claimed to offer them! I think it is not a requirement to have all these little bells and whistles, as the site would then become bloated and difficult to manage on a shoestring budget, and the IMA would have to compromise with external providers and concentrate on making money etc...

If you are happy to contribute to maintaining a site where you can store, share, display and occasionally exchange with others (or more than occasionally if that is your wish!), then come and join us at Ipernity! If you simply want to drown under meaningless emojis, and 'likes' and jump from fake news to fake photos, then, be on your way to more suited places!!!

In summary, I would recommend Ipernity to a friend.

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