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A company that cares
23 January 2018
Reviewer: Lainey from Wales UK

61 of 113 people found this review helpful

I had been a member of Fotki maybe 12+ years ago but then went elsewhere to another place that a lot were joining.
I remained there until July 2017 when the host I was with put the prices up to a ridiculous amount. $399 for one year if you wanted 3rd party hosting. this was from $35.
There was no way I could afford that so decided to try Fotki again.
I am a member of one forum and the owner of another, we all use graphic programs such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop etc.
Fotki was a bit difficult to work out at first but in a couple of days I had it sussed and did screenshots for the other members to make it easier for them as many had also left that money grabbing company and joined Fotki.

Well Fotki did work differently in a number of ways than we were used to, but this is where they came into their own when compared to other photo hosts.

I contacted them to explain the first of many problems we had been having and they said they would try and sort something...
Wow within days it was sorted, plus they were asking was there... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Fotki to a friend.

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Rock Bottom
05 August 2014
Reviewer: Gmj from United Kingdom

176 of 322 people found this review helpful

I was a pro user for several years while they were base in North America, but when they switched to Europe they didn't just go downhill, they plummeted. Based in Latvia/Estonia or thereabouts, they became very East European orientated dominated by Russians.

There were frequent problems with large numbers of images being offline and frequent service outages. Customer service was non existent and they also changed to a very weird charging system for pro users.

My biggest problem with the was their arbitrary censoring which was unbelievably stupid at times. I had some very tame elegant vintage pin-ups that showed a bit of mild topless in some images, but nothing extreme or offensive and they classed it as porn - oh the Russian vulgar topless images were not censored.

Their print service was probably the worst I have ever encountered, even my local supermarket did a much, much better job. They blamed the quality of my images, but I got no response from them when I sent them the prints from the supermarket, not even my money back - LEFT and went to PBase and get my printing done in the UK by Photobox.

Steer clear and give PBase a go. (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Fotki to a friend.

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Fotki is the worst
02 July 2014
Reviewer: Mslow from Chicago, IL

150 of 321 people found this review helpful

For 5 years, I have been paying Fotki.com $25/year to store my photos. About a year ago, they changed the storage policy because they moved their servers to Europe and required a new $30 fee for a certain about of original photo storage. They claim to have notified all customers, but I never received notification. Regardless, I didn't find out about this new fee arrangement until a year later. I then paid the $30 fee and ordered some prints I had originally uploaded about 5 years ago. Upon receiving approximately $50 of blurry and unusable prints, I complained and was told that only photos uploaded after payment of the $30 fee would be stored in "original" format. I asked what happened to all the original photos I had been storing on their site for $25/year for the last 5 years, and never received a response. I'd been paying them for this storage service, but now the originals are lost. I was told I would have to re-upload all the originals I had already uploaded in the last 5 years in order to print quality images. I demanded a refund of the useless $30 fee and the $50 of unusable prints,... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Fotki to a friend.

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Good presentation, inconsistent service
21 March 2014
Reviewer: Denali Flyer from Alaska

174 of 378 people found this review helpful

The biggest problem I have with Fotki is that many of my photographs are mysteriously "Temporarily Off Line" There are 18 pictures "Off-line" out of one album alone. Many of those photos have been off line for over a week. This has been an ongoing problem for years and affects many of my older albums.

I realize Fotki had some serious problems while relocating all of its servers to somewhere in the Baltic region, but we're now supposed to believe that all is well. It's not. Responses from Customer Service are a long time in coming and seem more designed to placate while allowing Fotki ever more time to correct its various issues.

Another problem I've experienced was security. Once I went to the fotki site to access my albums and was taken to another person's albums with full ability to make changes to those albums. This must have happened to my albums as well because one day I found a photo of some lady mixed in amongst my photos (actually replacing one) that I definitely didn't add. An alert to Fotki about this remains unanswered.

Keep in mind, most of my photos display just fine and the Fotki site is... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Fotki to a friend.

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They stopped unlimited storage unless you pay more
18 September 2012
Reviewer: Logan from Charleston,West Virginia,USA

148 of 355 people found this review helpful

They stopped unlimited storage unless you pay more. I paid my yearly subscription and half way through the year they said they were no longer keeping the full size pic unless I paid extra. Min $30.00 . I have been a member there for 4 years. looks like I'll find another site to post pics so my friends can view the full size pic.

So if your looking for someplace to store a thumbnail for you its a nice site..

In summary, I would not recommend Fotki to a friend.

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Fotki Review--Poor Service
22 September 2011
Reviewer: AK1968 from USA

227 of 462 people found this review helpful

I uploaded my son's wedding pictures to the Fotki website because I thought it would be an easy way for all the family to order the photos they wanted.
We placed an order mid July. Near the end of July the photos still hadn't been shipped I was assured that they would be shipped within 2 days after contacting customer service. After the time period passed and they still hadn't been shipped I contacted customer service again and was assured they would be shipped in 24 hours. After about 5 days from the initial request for an explanation I requested a refund for the photos. I was assured the refund request had been processed. After about 10 days from the original inquiry as to why they hadn't been shipped and about 6 days from the date of the refund request I contacted them again to find out why the refund had never been received. This time I didn't receive a response for 7 days. At this point in time I had already contacted paypal and filed a complaint to have the money refunded and that was the response that I received from... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Fotki to a friend.

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